12 cities around the world where you can live cheaply, from $300-a-month rents to $1 cappuccinos

12 cities around the world where you can live cheaply, from $300-a-month rents to $1 cappuccinos

  • Many Americans are moving abroad in search of cheaper housing, food, and more laid-back lives.
  • Insider compiled a list of 12 cities around the world where the cost of living is relatively low.
  • They range from a tropical island off the coast of Morocco to a Thai paradise with temples and food.

More and more Americans hoping to take advantage of a strong dollar and cheaper homes are looking overseas. Remote workers, too, are taking flight, becoming “digital nomads” while living in paradisaical spots from Spain to Colombia.

Insider has compiled a list of 12 cities where you can live relatively cheaply, using data from the comparison website Numbeo, which provides crowdsourced summaries of the cost of living in major cities across the world. 

Numbeo averages user-submitted expenses, including estimated monthly costs for a single person or a family of four, as well as monthly rent and the price to buy a home in the city center. It also determines the typical prices for a coffee, a meal for two, and a gym membership. While the downside to Numbeo’s methodology is relying on users around the world to accurately enter their costs, it is a useful tool for cross-city comparison.

Insider chose cities across countries and continents, trying to select ones that are relatively affordable, especially compared to the US. All prices have been converted to US dollars, and the cities’ populations are sourced from United Nations data unless otherwise noted.

Many of these spots also rank highly on quality of life measures, but it’s important to know that lower living costs sometimes come at the expense of other city features like safety, healthcare, and pollution.

Read on to learn more about these affordable places, listed in alphabetical order, from India’s pink city to a Bolivian hub with colonial and modern architecture near sand dunes.

Have you found an affordable paradise in another part of the world? Tell us! Email reporter Alcynna Llloyd at allloyd@insider.com

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