49ers plan to get NFL’s approval for a $120 million loan to enhance Levi’s Stadium

49ers plan to get NFL’s approval for a $120 million loan to enhance Levi’s Stadium

Jed York spoke to local reporters Tuesday morning and sounded like someone with an initiative to make upgrades to Levi’s Stadium. York believes there’s a chance the 49ers could host Super Bowl LX, which will happen in February 2026.

The 49ers are currently in the process of getting approval from the NFL for a $120 million that will come from the NFL’s stadium fund. Per York, the plan would be for these enhancements to take place and eventually be done during the next three years.

The NFL will vote on the 49ers pending loan Tuesday. Here’s what Jed said about the 49ers hosting a Super Bowl: “My optimism is very high. I feel very confident that we’re gonna get a Super Bowl in the near future.”

Levi’s Stadium was selected to host the FIFA World Cup 2026, which is another reason for the loan. The next league meetings take place in May, where the NFL is likely to announce the sites for Super Bowl 60 and 61.

According to Daniel Kaplan of The Athletic, here are the upgrades the 49ers are planning to make at Levi’s Stadium:

Levi’s is entering its 10th season since opening, so the upgrade of premium seatings comes as many of the 10-year terms of suite licenses are expiring (some are 20-year terms). There are 170 suites at Levi’s, but that number should rise to 179 as the team is adding nine additional ones to its highest category called owner’s suites, of which there are currently 24.

The 49ers are already one of the top revenue teams in the NFL, but this upgrade should push the franchise further into the top echelon. The team is not only looking to take advantage of big events, but also the planned 300-acre retail development adjacent to the stadium organized by the developer Related.

The suite renovation will entail the installation of custom and lockable wine fridges, a custom and lockable liquor cabinet, upgrading the seating, and custom shelving to display the license holders’ products and services. Schoeb envisions the suites becoming mini executive briefing centers versus “just using it as a suite because a lot of them are using it for board meetings.” Each suite seats 20 people.

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