Bismarck airport prepares for Thanksgiving travel

Bismarck airport prepares for Thanksgiving travel

BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) – Many are traveling to see their folks this Thanksgiving and the Bismarck Airport has been preparing for the upcoming rush.

Matthew Remynse, marketing and operations manager for the airport, says they are expecting a busy week just like travelers should expect nationwide.

He says the TSA and airlines are estimating about 2.7 million passengers per day across the United States throughout the holiday travel period which goes from Sunday, November 19 to Monday, November 27.

He says they are anticipating around 21,000 for this month which comes from the Thanksgiving travel weekend.

“Your two busiest days are always going to be that Tuesday and Wednesday leading up to the holiday because everybody wants to be there the day before. Travel on Thanksgiving is a little bit slower, so hopefully, everybody is there. Then maybe some people that have to come late or leave early, they are traveling on that Friday and Saturday. Of course, Sunday is the big push to get home after the holiday weekend,” said Remynse.

Remynse says travelers should check the TSA website for tips on traveling through security to make the process easier when you arrive at the airport.

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