Healthy Kitchen

Healthy Kitchen

Mateusz Pyrkosz graduated from a culinary school in Poland. He has had practice in a few amazing hotels and restaurants. While being a 16-year-old chef, Mateusz had an opportunity to participate in a polish championship culinary tournament for the best young chefs in Poland. As a result, he was ranked in the top 20 best chefs in the country. After he graduated from fitness and cooking school, he came to London and began working in various gyms and restaurants, growing his experience. 

Following almost 17 years of culinary and fitness experience, Mateusz has decided to launch his own amazing healthy kitchen that will serve healthy and delicious food, helping customers change their bodies and turn them into a happy-fit life. 

Healthy Kitchen will offer healthy diet options expertly made by our owner, Mateusz Pyrkosz. We will offer moderately priced, focused, elevated, and eclectic dishes. We are a healthy food meal preparation company that will be selling healthy meals online on a subscription basis via our website

Healthy Kitchen is a quick-service healthy diet meal prep company to be located in Wimbledon, London, United Kingdom. Healthy Kitchen will offer daily healthy and delicious meals to health-conscious customers in need of a diet plan. Healthy Kitchen will begin as a quick-service meal prep where customers can order for meals via the company’s website either on a subscription-based model or casually. We are out to make Healthy Kitchen a premier local brand in the marketplace. We will offer a competitively priced, focused, elevated, total all–in–one experience, an eclectic menu in a chic and sophisticated atmosphere leveraging on our exceptional staff to achieve superior customer satisfaction.

The reduced practice of preparing home-cooked meals, increasing disposable incomes, and improved distribution channels are catalyzing the growth of the foodservice market. This is in addition to the rising demand for healthy and fresh diet plans, superior customer satisfaction as well as a growing demand for customization and innovation in food menu options in London. All these have stimulated Healthy Kitchen to offer delicious meals taking into consideration the health needs of our customers.

Our goal it’s to fight with obesity and help people living healthy life 

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