HLT in the Community – Extended Reach 2023

HLT in the Community – Extended Reach 2023

Hyde Little Theatre have delivered high quality, affordable and accessible theatre provision to Tameside since 1967. For the last three years we gave also provided a wide range of free of charge or low cost community activities from our home Studio 9. These activities have included lunches, meditation, board game clubs, toddler literacy sessions, yoga and basic fitness sessions. We are hoping to extend this offer further during 2023.

During the Covid Pandemic we suspended our theatre program for safety reasons and embarked on supporting those people in our wider community who needed our help. This included the delivery of food parcels to individuals and care workers and following the pandemic we have been able to extend this provision to include a range of weekly activities and outreach to nursing homes etc. We have also become a warm hub and a DEFRA Community Pantry site. As a result many more people visit Studio 9 weekly and for some our sessions have become a lifeline. We are keen to work closely with other community groups in the area and extend our provision during 2023.


We are crowdfunding with the Co-op to enhance and extend the provision that we currently have in place. We have found through experience that food is attracting people to come together at Studio 9 and we would like to extend our offer from Wednesday lunches to offering food more often, we would also like to have a breakfast offer. In addition to many other community organisations we are being impacted by the rising cost of fuel which is considerably higher than previous years. We would also like to enhance and develop the range of entertainment and activities we can provide during our extended opening and hope that people will be able to support us to do this.

Hyde Little Theatre were able to secure funding to enable us to provide a vital Warm Hub provision during winter 22/23. This is due to culminate on March 31st 2023, however the Co-op have kindly offered to match all our donations and enable us to offer a service into summer of 23 and beyond depending on funding. This is a critical service for those who are vulnerable and we hope to extend our community pantry offer alongside this it having proved very popular for families in need within the wider community. We hope to continue the essential work we have been undertaking in our community, even with the significant increase in heat, light and power costs for community buildings.

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