‘Imperial Legacy Clothing’ brings fashion spotlight to El Paso

‘Imperial Legacy Clothing’ brings fashion spotlight to El Paso

A local brother and sister duo are making waves in the fashion world, and forging their own unique path from El Paso.

Marcus and Faith Smith are the brains behind Imperial Legacy Clothing, a fashion brand that the two began over a decade ago in the Sun City.

Everyone said we couldn’t do what we do in El Paso, so let’s prove a point,” designer Marcus Smith said. “We can make moves across the world in El Paso, and that’s what we are doing.

From the first sketch to custom fabric, prints and even a logo, Marcus creates it all, while Faith is busy coordinating on the business side, and preparing the brand for major fashion shows all over the United States.

It’s a full-time job for them both, but also a labor of love, while they also run their other business, as mental health case managers.

Their experience working in mental health is even something that has inspired entire lines of clothing for the ILC brand.

Imperial Legacy Clothing has been featured on red carpets for BET, MTV and VH1, with collections seen on runways during New York Fashion Week, LA Fashion Week, San Antonio, Dallas, Miami, Atlanta and Philly.

Just like their recognizable designs, their El Paso roots have helped the team stand out from other designers.

“When we say we are from El Paso, it makes people remember us,” said Faith. “It keeps us in their heads, and it makes us unique.”

Imperial Legacy Clothing also prides itself on another standout factor: a focus on representation, diversity and inclusion, which the industry still lacks.

“What we noticed first coming in, doing castings and things, how the casting directors would treat people, and make them feel like they don’t fit this cookie cutter mold and we decided we weren’t going to be that way,” said Marcus. “If you can walk, you can come and be in our show.”

If you would like to check out Imperial Legacy Clothing, visit their website here: Imperial Legacy Clothing – Imperial Legacy Clothing.

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