Matt LaFleur: We should ‘temper our expectations’ for Jordan Love in first year as Packers’ starting QB

Matt LaFleur: We should ‘temper our expectations’ for Jordan Love in first year as Packers’ starting QB

That will be the key for Green Bay: Rallying around Love, a quarterback who simply hasn’t seen significant playing time since he entered the NFL in 2020. That’s the downside of joining a team featuring Rodgers on the roster, but after two offseasons spent wondering whether Rodgers would walk away, the Packers finally have their answer — and a replacement ready to take over.

Credit is due to Love, who has been a consummate professional in the public eye. It can’t be easy to linger behind a franchise legend while wondering if your time will ever come.

“I think he just wanted to know what was going on,” LaFleur said of Love. “For a long period of time, I couldn’t tell him because I didn’t quite know where it was headed. I think there’s obviously some clarity to it, but nothing’s final yet.”

Nothing is final because, despite making it very clear he wants to be traded to the New York Jets, Rodgers remains on Green Bay’s roster. The job is general manager Brian Gutekunst’s to strike a deal with Jets GM Joe Douglas, which we can all expect will happen eventually, but cannot predict a time or date.

LaFleur is in the same position as the rest of the football world, waiting to learn what his team will receive in return for Rodgers.

“That’s all between Joe and Gutey,” LaFleur said. “I’m gonna leave that one to them. We’ll coach whoever’s on our roster. We’ll coach them to the best of our ability and always gonna put the best players out there that are gonna give us an opportunity to win football games.”

For much of the last two decades, Packers fans have enjoyed existing in the coveted tier of NFL teams whose supporters expect them to contend on an annual basis. This transition doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll drop out of that tier, but at this point, it’s not nearly as close to guaranteed.

They also might not be that far off, according to LaFleur.

“He’s come a long way, quite frankly,” LaFleur said of Love. “I know there were some times where early on, it’s just, you don’t know. I still think you have to go out there and you gotta do it consistently. It’s one thing to do it in practice. It’s another thing to take it to the game field and do it. But certainly have seen his performance in practice, his mechanics, his decisions, his timing within the pass game and just his accuracy. … I think he’s come a long way.”

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