Newcastle United fans off to an absolute weekend flyer – Premier League top four race really opens up

Newcastle United fans off to an absolute weekend flyer – Premier League top four race really opens up

On Saturday morning I was looking at the Premier League fixtures this weekend and how they could impact towards the top, particularly with regard to the Premier League top four.

I said they could prove pivotal for Newcastle United.

Eddie Howe and his players facing Wolves on Sunday at 4.30pm, the other 18 PL clubs playing in the nine Premier League fixtures before then.

Well, an absolutely brilliant start, the 12.30pm game ending Bournemouth 1 Liverpool 0.

A goal from Billing in the first half winning it, the massive bonus that Salah missed a penalty in the second half that would have equalised and likely seen Liverpool going on to win.

Instead, this is how the Premier League table looks on Saturday afternoon after Bournemouth 1 Liverpool 0 and before the 3pm matches:

So, if Newcastle United win against Wolves, they will be two points clear of Liverpool, have a superior goal difference and Eddie Howe’s side with a game in hand.

Plus, Liverpool’s next three PL games are away at Man City and Chelsea, before Arsenal at home.

Maybe a reminder to some Newcastle United fans that drawing away at Bournemouth last month might have been disappointing BUT not a disaster.

As a Newcastle United fan, look at this weekend’s other Premier League fixtures…

Premier League Fixtures 11 March 2023

It is one of those rare weekends when the Premier League fixtures have kept apart all of the clubs with any kind of realistic aspirations towards the top end of things.

The Premier League has basically split into two.

Palace are on 27 points in twelfth and from that club downwards, you have nine PL clubs fighting relegation.

Then from Villa on 34 points in eleventh, upwards you have the eleven clubs who stand any chance of filling the European spots.

From a purely Newcastle United finishing as high as possible, these Premier League fixtures clearly have a preferred winner and loser, or at worst a draw.

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