Sagittarius—Your April Horoscope Predicts Exciting New Relationships, Thanks to Venus in Gemini

Sagittarius—Your April Horoscope Predicts Exciting New Relationships, Thanks to Venus in Gemini

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My dear archers, love is on the brain this month! Your Sagittarius horoscope for April 2023 tells the story of a deep and intense need for companionship. Now’s the time to learn how to choose the right relationships and how to be there for someone who’s also there for you.

On April 11, the planet of love, Venus moves into your seventh house of partnerships, bringing one-on-one relationships into your focus. You are more eager to be committed to someone and more willing to compromise right now. You find that achieving harmony in your relationships is what makes you the happiest. At the same time, powerful Pluto—planet of transformation—will wink at romantic and luxurious Venus, increasing your desire for love and affection. Not just any kind of love either—intense, deep physical and emotional connection is what you crave. The stage is set for beginning a new relationship or taking the relationships you do have to the next level.

Also on April 11, the Sun brings its vitality and confidence to Jupiter in Aries, which also happens to be your expansive and abundant ruling planet. This is like a little good luck charm for you, Sagittarius. You are ready to grow in all areas of your life and generally the things you start now will end up positive for you in the long run. Inside, you have a strong desire to do all you can, to experience everything the world has to offer. This confident, happy, optimistic energy you exude, combined with your desire for love will make it easy for you to attract the kind of people and relationships you desire. You are so magnetic, archer, you will bring everything to you!

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Of course, serious-minded Saturn has to come around and challenge Venus on April 14, causing a kind of melancholy in love. Don’t fret, it will pass. But don’t be surprised if you find that loneliness creeps in suddenly. You may feel like shutting the door in the world’s face, but this is no time to ignore your relationships or your responsibilities. While it may not be easy, putting the work in to show the people around you that you still care will go a long way and ultimately make you much happier. You are needed, even if you don’t feel like your usual gregarious, bubbly self. Even when things get hard, love is worth it. Embrace the love in your heart this April, Sagittarius!

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