Top 5 Most Popular Casino Payment Methods in Canada

Top 5 Most Popular Casino Payment Methods in Canada


method has advantages and disadvantages, and keeping track of them can
be challenging for the average user.

So, we’re going to go over the five most popular
casino payment methods for Canadian residents and why you might want
to use them. By the time we’re done, you should know which is right
for you!

1. Debit and Credit cards (Visa and Mastercard)

Card payments aren’t
just the most popular payment method in Canada but also worldwide.
This is because card options like Visa and Mastercard are
internationally available, easy to use and offer hassle-free, secure
transactions. When you log into an online casino, you can usually be
sure it’ll accept one.

If Mastercard is a payment method that appeals to you, check
our review of the best Mastercard Casinos in Canada at




Widely accepted at
CA casinos

Requires you to input sensitive
card details

Easy to

Card payments often have longer withdrawal
processing times

Safe and secure

2. E-wallets (PayPal, Skrill, and

the rise of online shopping, we’ve seen e-wallets rise to
prominence. As they’ve become more popular, Canadian casino players
have started using them for their deposits and withdrawals, thanks to
their convenience and security.

E-wallets are digital wallets that allow players to
store their banking information in one online space safely. When you
make a payment through an e-wallet, you don’t have to share any
financial information, making them incredibly safe.



Provides the
quickest transaction speeds

Stricter withdrawal

Highly secure payments

Not universally available

Convenient and accessible across multiple platforms

3. Prepaid cards (Paysafecard and

cards work a lot like gift cards because they allow you to spend a
limited amount of money on the card. These are popular for people
looking to not overspend or who don’t want the casino to gain access
to their financial information.

Prepaid cards can be purchased online or at retail
stores. While there are dedicated prepaid card services like
Paysafecard and ecoPayz, other payment methods like Visa and PayPal
offer prepaid card options.

Another popular prepaid card in Canada is Neosurf,


, check out our dedicated page.



Players can’t
spend more than is on the card

You cannot make
withdrawals on prepaid cards

Prepaid cards can be bought anonymously

You have to buy the prepaid card ahead of

Casinos never touch your private
banking information

4. Bank transfers
(Trustly and Boku)

Bank transfers, or direct or wire transfers, are payments made
directly from your bank account to your online casino account. This
method cuts out the middleman and is resistant to fraud. As such,
online casinos let you make much larger transactions, making it
perfect for high rollers. However, it can be much slower than other



Reliable and
doesn’t require third-party involvement

Can take significantly longer to process than other

High deposit and withdrawal limits
— some casinos don’t impose limits at all

Often incurs transaction fees

Convenient — the only thing you need is a bank

5. Pay by phone bill

Pay by phone is an
unconventional but very convenient method of making casino deposits.
With this method, players can make deposits and add the charge to
their phone bill to pay off later. This is particularly convenient if
you play before a paycheck or need to delay your payment.



Super convenient
and swift deposits

You cannot cashout
through pay-by-phone

No financial
information is shared with the casino

Daily deposit limits are notably less than other

Players can delay payment until

Additional tips for choosing a
casino payment method:

  • Based on your style of play,
    take the maximum and minimum transaction limits of each method into

  • Compare transaction
    fees between online casinos to find the lowest

  • Use an online casino that employs encryption
    security across all transactions to ensure your

  • Consult customer
    reviews for additional opinions and genuine


The different pros and
cons of each method will affect whether it’s right for you. So
assess what you’re looking for and determine which of these is best
for you! Also, bear in mind that these payment methods aren’t
universal. Some casinos won’t feature all five of these methods.
Before you sign up with a casino, always check which payment methods
are accepted so you know you can make deposits and get playing.


: We would like to emphasize that gambling is
risky and should not be used to resolve financial difficulties. The
saying “the house always wins” is worth keeping in mind.

If you or someone you
know has a gambling problem, we firmly advise you to call the Gamblers
Anonymous at 1-626-960-3500 to speak with an expert about getting
assistance and making gambling safer for you or your friends and loved
ones. Remember that all gaming websites and instructions are intended
for people aged

19 and above


Some of the casino sites featured on our site may
not be available in your location. Check your local regulations to see
if internet gambling is permitted in your area.

Check out the following
organizations for free gambling addiction resources:





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