What is Black Friday? Everything you need to know

What is Black Friday? Everything you need to know

However, some retailers won’t be keeping Australian shoppers waiting until Friday to score some deals, starting their sales as early as last week.

Why is it called Black Friday?

Considering the name, the day may be assumed to have seemingly dark origins, and historically – it did.

According to Brittanica, Black Friday was a term initially coined by Philadelphia’s police officers. They found the day typically ensued a flurry of chaos, with bustling crowds and shoplifters keeping police working overtime and needing to work extra shifts. It wasn’t until the 1980s that the term Black Friday began to signify a positive boost in retail sales.

Black Friday sales have started early this year.Credit: Simon Schluter

Now, the day is met with a softer approach of shoppers flocking to get the best deals.

What is Cyber Monday?

Much of the Black Friday deals will be reflected in the online space and set to continue up until we reach Black Friday’s virtual counterpart, Cyber Monday, which finishes up at midnight on November 27 in Australia.

For some, Cyber Monday is a good excuse to catch up on last-minute deals, accommodating to shoppers who prefer an online shop to a stroll through a crowded shopping centre.

Officially beginning in 2005, Cyber Monday marks the start of online shopping becoming the new norm. While the deals were historically “cyber” related – as the name suggests – they now largely accommodate all retail categories.

Across both four-day events, Australian shoppers are forecasted to spend $6.36 billion this year according to the ARA, marking a 3 per cent jump from last year.

What are the best deals for Black Friday in 2023?


Shoppers can expect huge savings on a range of products from beauty, fashion, toys, travel and home decor. Zahra recommends people do their research online and make a list before they leave the house to get the most out of their experience and deals.

Amazon continues to offer huge Black Friday sales across all categories, from up to 55 per cent off on LG and Samsung monitors, to 65 per cent off on select PlayStation products. In fashion, The Iconic offers deals up 40 per cent off for both men’s, women’s and kids’ fashion across several brands including Levis, Camilla and Ted Baker.

For those looking to upgrade their home appliances, Dyson offers savings up to $552 off on selected vacuums, and in technology, offers on brands like Apple, Bose, and Google can be found at JB Hi-Fi.

And you can find a curated list of all the best Black Friday 2023 deals here.

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