Why You Should be Doing Business in the U.S. Gulf South

Why You Should be Doing Business in the U.S. Gulf South

The U.S. Gulf South offers a wide array of unique benefits for businesses, ranging from access to infrastructure and raw materials to attractive incentives and much more. There’s more than one reason why so many companies — both domestic and international — either set up shop or expand in states along the southern U.S. coast. Several of these key states, including Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas, are located near or adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico, providing direct access to ports and international markets. 

Here are just a few reasons why businesses should consider the U.S. Gulf South to set up or expand their operations.

Business-friendly culture

Over the years, the south has earned a reputation for creating an environment where businesses thrive, thanks to a variety of factors. Throughout the states in this region, companies are able to build relationships, grow their profits and take advantage of things like favorable corporate tax structures, readily available workforces and seamless communication with local and state institutions.

There is something for everyone in the Gulf South, whether you’re in manufacturing, tech, agriculture, retail or any number of other industries. If you’re looking for a community that fosters business growth, you won’t find a more welcoming host.

State incentives

If you can imagine it, this region probably has a business incentive for it. States in this area are major proponents of creating and expanding business-first programs for industries across the board, ranging from healthcare and manufacturing to digital media and entertainment.

Whether you’re a small business or a global manufacturing company, many states in this part of the country offer incentives in workforce training, tax credits and abatements as well as financial awards and partnership programs. The possibilities and opportunities really are endless.

Infrastructure and transportation

The U.S. Gulf South spans across both the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico, providing seamless access to global markets. No matter what industry you’re in, this sector of the country excels when it comes to easy transportation and efficient distribution. Stay highly connected through a robust network of interstate highways, railroads, deep-water ports and airports. Doing business down here means companies can rely on existing infrastructure to ship their products, transport supplies and import or export vital materials across the country and throughout the world.

Abundant raw materials

Did you know that a significant portion of the natural gas produced in the U.S. comes from southern states? Thanks to its prime location and production facilities, this area is rich in abundant natural resources, which can be harnessed to power business growth.

Additionally, many utility companies are using a diverse fuel mix, blending natural gas with alternative energy sources to create sustainable long-term development. Affordable power? Abundant resources? Renewable energy? In the Entergy Region, you get all three and much more.

Entergy — your most powerful resource in the region

The U.S. Gulf South can be an ideal location for businesses large and small. For more than a century, Entergy has provided affordable, reliable power to the most innovative companies in the world. Our industrial rates are 20% below the national average,* and we’ve been rated a Top Utility for 16 years in a row by Site Selection Magazine. In fact, more than 36% of the country’s natural gas is produced in the four states where Entergy is located.

As your go-to partner in this region, we’re equipped with the resources and expertise to help create opportunities and elevate your business. Our four-state service area includes Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi as well as Arkansas, which is strategically located just above Louisiana and is fed by the Mississippi River.

Whether you’re researching the ideal site, looking to upgrade your operations or need help making connections, Entergy offers a way forward. Get prioritized access to state and local community offices, concierge-level customer service and a powerful suite of business tools, all at your fingertips on GoEntergy.com.

Welcome to the next generation of business. Welcome to the U.S. Gulf South.

*Rate averages are calculated using publicly available data provided by U.S Energy Information Administration as of August 2023. These rates should not be used to project bills.

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