World Television Day 2023: History, importance, theme, quotes and facts

World Television Day 2023: History, importance, theme, quotes and facts

World Television Day is observed every year on 21 November. Television plays an integral part in our lives and our homes are not complete without it. It is not only a source of entertainment but also enriches our lives with information and news. 

Observing World TV Day is significant on the grounds that it assists people in grasping the history and significance of this electronic gadget. We get to understand what’s going on around the world through this gadget in real-time. It has gone through a tremendous development in the last few decades.

People across the globe observe World Television Day and talk about its significance in our lives. One must take note that this year we will celebrate the day on Tuesday, 21 November. 

The television has undergone significant technological improvements over the years. Today, we see this gadget in everybody’s home and we can’t manage without it.

What is the history of World Television Day?

The creation of TV revolutionised the manner in which we communicate and consume information. From its modest starting points in the early 20th century, TV has developed into a ubiquitous presence in homes around the world. In 1996, the Unified Nations General Assembly perceived the developing impact of TV on decision-making and its capability to illuminate and teach the general population.

It was announced that November 21st would be celebrated as the World Television Day to recognize the anniversary of the first World Television Forum, held in 1996.

World Television Day: Importance 

World Television Day fills in as a sign of the significance of TV in our day-to-day routines. It features the power of TV to interface individuals across boundaries, societies, and dialects, encouraging understanding and promoting worldwide dialogue.

TV is an integral asset for informing general society about basic issues, bringing issues to light about social difficulties, and promoting positive transformations. 

World Television Day 2023: Theme

Throughout the years, World Television Day has concentrated on different themes that mirror the changing scenario of TV and its effect on society. The theme for the World Television Day 2023 is Accessibility.

World Television Day is a crucial stage for recognising the enduring power of TV and its capability to illuminate, teach, and connect individuals across the globe.

World Television Day 2023: Quotes

We cannot imagine our lives without a television. Happy World Television Day 2023 to everyone.

Understand the advantages of a TV and use it for your betterment. Wishing you a Happy World Television Day.

TV was one of the biggest accomplishments in broadcasting and multimedia. Learn about its enhancement through the years.

Television is not only a source of entertainment but also informs us about important events around the globe. Understand its role this World Television Day.

5 Interesting Facts about Television on World TV Day

The first mechanical television was created by German engineer Paul Nipkow in 1884.

The first remote control was made in 1950 by Eugene Polley.

In 1948, the first television news program was Camel News Caravan.

In 1929, the first electronic television was invented by Vladimir Zworykin.

The first commercial colour television broadcast was aired in 1951 in the United States.

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